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Welcome to the Town of Mattawa Website


If you come to the Town Hall, you'll be greeted by Lise, Amy or another member of our administration team. They will offer to provide you the information or service you are looking for. This website is not intended to replace our great people at the Town Hall, but sometimes we can save you a little time by making information available to you on the internet. Although still under construction, we hope our website helps save you some time with easy paths to follow.

To the left we have some quick link buttons that will take you to Council Meetings page, our Garbage / Recycling Collection schedules and other useful information.

Mattawa has plenty of history and is truly Voyageur Country to many things to offer to list here. If you are considering vacation or tourism destinations, learn more about what Mattawa has to offer by visiting our tourism website by clicking on the Voyageur Country button to the left of your screen.


2014 Annual Dog Tag Licences are available at the Municipal Office

$20 prior to March 31st

$30 after March 31st


The By-law Department wishes to remind everyone

that the winter parking By-law is in effect and being enforced:


1. Winter Parking On Town Streets

By-Law Number 07-17, Section 3(l) states: “Overnight parking on any street

during the months of November, December, January, February & March between the hours of

12:00 o’clock midnight and 8:00a.m. is PROHIBITED”.


2.         Park as to Interfere with Clearing of Snow

By-Law Number 07-17, Section 9 states: “No person Shall park or stand a vehicle on any street

in such a manner as to interfere with the clearing of snow from such streets”.


3. Deposit of Snow on Town Streets

By-Law Number 08-20, states: “No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited

any snow or ice upon any portion of any street”.


Any person who violates these by-laws is liable to be charged under the Ontario Provincial Offences Act

by the Ontario Provincial Police or the Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officer.













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