Often during the winter months we get inquiries as to what rules we follow when determining when the Town of Mattawa’s road sanding and snow plowing team deploys to sand or plow the snow.

Even though we don’t have 24 hour or 7 days per week normal service, we are grateful to have a dedicated team that makes themselves available to be called out after hours, on holidays and on weekends to clean the streets and work towards keeping our streets safe.

Council assisted our department by setting a policy that guides our team in determining when we deploy our resources to sand or plow our streets and sidewalks. That policy is called the Sanding and Snow Plowing Policy. Just click on it and access it!

When we have to plow the roads some of our biggest obstacles are vehicles left parked over night on the road. In order for us to do our work safely and effectively, we sometimes get up very early and plow or remove snow in the pre-dawn hours of the morning. When we do that we need the street to be clear of parked vehicles. As such Mattawa’s Winter Overnight Parking By-Law says it is not permitted to park vehicles on the street during winter between the hours of midnight and 8 am. Vehicles found parked on the street illegally could be ticketed or towed away at the owner’s expense. You can access the by-law by clicking on the link in this paragraph or in the By-Laws page on this website.

Keep in mind that we have 6 men, 1 plow truck, 1 grader fitted with plowing equipment, 1 loader and 1 sidewalk plow machine. Once we get mobilized it takes approximately 5½ hours to complete our routes. We begin with the main thoroughfairs and school bus routes, then work our way systematically through our streets. On very heavy snow falls or other extreme conditions our time to completion can be longer. We strongly recommend that, on those extreme weather condition days, you adjust your driving plans to account for the higher risks associated with driving in winter storm conditions, including not driving if at all possible. 


Reminder:  In order to help ensure your continuous supply of drinking water, the Town of Mattawa recommends that residents who have historically experienced service water line freeze ups leave a cold water tap running in a steady stream (about the width of a pencil) until the risk of freezing water lines has passed.  If you are unsure if you should run your water, or have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at (705) 744-5611 ext. 207.

Please be advised that the Town of Mattawa assumes no responsibility for damages caused as a result of the running water.