Planning & Development Services Department

Official Plan

The purpose of the Official Plan is to guide the physical development of the Town of Mattawa by articulating policies and land use designations that describe and promote the desired future form of the municipality.  The Official Plan is the Town’s policy document.  All planning activities should be consistent with Official Plan policies.  In Mattawa, the Official Plan attempts to create a planning framework that will foster growth, development and disversification while ensuring that the unique character of the municipality is maintained.

Mattawa’s Official Plan

Zoning By-Law

Planning staff administer the Municipality’s Zoning By-law 85-23, as amended.  The Zoning By-law is the document that implements Official Plan policies.  The Zoning By-law must be considered when undertaking virtually any new construction projects and many renovation projects.  Town staff will work with the proponents to help interpret the by-law and work through any issues that may result.

Proponents may also wish to consult the Zoning By-law when purchasing property or establishing a new business.  Again, Town staff will be available to help interpret the by-law and deal with any resulting issues.

Mattawa’s Zoning By-law 85-23

Map – Mattawa Planning Area  (Schedule “A” to Zoning By-law 85-23)

Amendment to Mattawa’s Zoning By-law 85-23 – Accessory Buildings


Official Plan Amendment Application – PDF

Committee of Adjustment Application (Minor Variance) – PDF

Zoning By-law Amendment – PDF


Sale and Disposition of Land Policy

Closing and Sale of Municipal Road Allowances Policy