This department is responsible for enforcing the municipal By-Laws within the boundaries of the Corporation of the Town of Mattawa. You can access most of the more commonly requested By-Laws of the Town of Mattawa by clicking here.

Other By-Laws are available for review at the Mattawa Town Hall office at 160 Water Street.

Should you not see the By-Law you are looking for, please contact us at (705) 744-5611.

Regulate, Prohibit and Restrict Keeping of Certain Kinds of Animals 17-17

Operation of Off-Road Vehicles Within the Municipality 15-26

Amendment to Parking By-law 08-26

Consolidated Parking By-law 07-17

Fence By-law

Hawkers and Peddlers By-law 09-26

Keeping of Dogs By-law 08-21

Littering By-law 12-17

Noise Control By-law 93-39

Procedure By-law 11-08

Property Standards By-law 08-24

Recreational Open Air Burning By-law 11-17 & 11-23 & Guidelines for Recreational Open Air Burning

Recycling By-law 04-15

Refreshment Vehicle Licencing By-law 09-14

Regulate and Control Cats By-law 03-22

Smoke Free Hospital By-law 08-25 and 09-20

Smoke Free Hospital By-law Amendment 13-22

Snow and Ice Removal By-law 08-20

Swimming Pool By-law 92-28

User Fess and Charges By-law 13-06

Watering By-law 09-06

Winter Vehicle Parking By-Law 85-2


This department also Mattawa’s Property Standards By-Law 08-24 addressing such issues as property maintenance and substandard housing.  Additional information on Standards for the Maintenance and Occupance of Property is available here.


If you have a complaint about a specific property in regards to the Property Standards By-Law you can download this Complaint Form to begin a file on the complaint.


We sometimes receive complaints from tenants wanting more information about their rights as tenants when problems arise, including problems with property maintenance, substandard housing, etc…  People can get valuable information with respect to the rights and obligations of both the landlord and tenant in addressing Maintenance and Repairs with the Landlord and Tenant Board, by either visiting their website here….or contacting them at 1-888-332-3234. Our By-Law Enforcement Department can address the issues related to getting the physical infractions corrected, but all other mitigation measures need to be initiated with the Landlord and Tenant Board.


This department also is responsible for management and enforcement of By-Law 08-21 which addresses the keeping of dogs in Mattawa. We invite you to review the Dog By-Law by clicking here. In summary, as part of our services of being able to successfully return dogs who get away from their homes, all dogs need to be licensed and obtain a dog tag each year. The deadline to obtain your dog tag is March 31st of each year and the cost is $20. After March 31st the dog tag costs $30. There are penalties for not complying with the Dog By-Law and it is important that all dog owners review the By-Law completely… it here and save it to your computer for reference.


The By-Law Department can also help your charitable organization with obtaining a Lottery License in your efforts to raise money for your charity’s aims and objectives. Contact Wayne Chaput at 705 744-5611.


If you are a Hawker or Peddler and wish to operate in Mattawa, you’ll need a Hawkers and Peddlers License and you will need to apply for a license. For your convenience here is the Hawkers & Peddlers License Application Form – PDF


The By-Law Department is the primary issuer of Fence Permits which is regulated under the Fence By-Law. If you have plans to build a fence you should read the Fence By-Law, talk to our By-Law officer and submit an Application to build a fence.


To visit the smoke free by-law please log onto the Ontario site at

As of January 1, 2015 it is now illegal to smoke on and around children’s playgrounds and publicly owned sports fields/surfaces, on all bar and restaurant patios and sell tobacco on university and college campuses.  Click here for the full rules effective January 1, 2015




For all other inquiries regarding the By-Laws in Mattawa, please contact our By-Law Officer, Wayne Chaput at 705 744-5611 ext. 203 or by e-mail: